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Kriss Freeman, Olympic Skier

Janis calls Olympic skier, Kris Freeman, who is in Italy preparing for the 2006 Winter Olympic Games.  They discuss snacks, nutrition (2:00), hydration (3:00) and other competition-related issues on her dTalk Radio show. 





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Will Cross, Mountain Climber

Via generator-powered phone, Janis connects with mountain climber, Will Cross, shortly after he summits Mount Everest.  Yes, he was still on the mountain!  They discuss nutrition and diabetes control

  • Today's Dietitian

  • Tips for the Talk - Healthcare professionals

Use Janis' handouts to help communicate with patients who have erectile dysfunction (

  • On The Cutting Edge - Author 

Enjoy Janis' article in this peer-reviewed issue of On The Cutting Edge (Vol 39, No 6, 2018. (p.9). "Family Relationships and Dynamics as a Psychosocial Barrier in Diabetes.

Enjoy Janis' article on women's diabetes-related sexual complications in this issue of On The Cutting Edge - "Less Well-Known Co-Morbities of Diabetes" (Vol 33, No 6, 2012) 

Kendall Simmons, Pittsburgh Steelers

Janis speaks with Pittsburgh Steelers' player, Kendall Simmons, about changes he made in his food choices after being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes (7:04); he discusses his desire to eat healthier, so he can be a role model for his daughter (8:50)








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Radio "Good News Broadcast"

Winter Skin Care and Diabetes (March, 2010)

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