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Hear Dr. Janis on Conan! (podcast)

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Conan O'Brien Needs a Friend

Intimate Conversations with Dr. Janis (podcast):

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Kriss Freeman, Olympic Skier

Janis calls Olympic skier, Kris Freeman, who is in Italy preparing for the 2006 Winter Olympic Games.  They discuss snacks, nutrition (2:00), hydration (3:00) and other competition-related issues on her dTalk Radio show. 





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Will Cross, Mountain Climber

Via generator-powered phone, Janis connects with mountain climber, Will Cross, shortly after he summits Mount Everest.  Yes, he was still on the mountain!  They discuss nutrition and diabetes control

Kendall Simmons, Pittsburgh Steelers

Janis speaks with Pittsburgh Steelers' player, Kendall Simmons, about changes he made in his food choices after being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes (7:04); he discusses his desire to eat healthier, so he can be a role model for his daughter (8:50)








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Holly's Touch, feature film (drama)


Inspired by a true story, a pastor's wife becomes a surrogate partner - someone who uses physical and sexual touch to teach people with emotional and physical trauma how to build intimate relationships with others. 

The film follows Holly as she becomes a surrogate partner, how her decision affects her marriage and what happens when her religious community learns what she is doing.

Currently in pre-production

Producer: Dr. Janis Roszler

Executive Producer: Alex Cohen

North American Distribution: Synkronized

Story: Francois Cohen-Seat

Exec Producer: Hal "Corky" Kessler

Music: Classical violinist, Daniel Andai


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